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Additional Programming


a. Concerts/Performances
b. Shabbat Chazzan/Ruach/Singing
C. Song-leading, Band-leading


Relevant topics include:
• Musical composition and production for studio, live performance, film/tv
• Infusion of songs into prayer, liturgy, and the shul  experience, for Shabbat and Chagim
• Rhythmic development  (especially for lower school)
• Collaborative song creation in real-time
• Songs to connect with other cultures/communities
• Focused 1 on 1 time with students passionately interested in furthering their musical abilities

Speaking Topics

• Stories and insights from around the globe as a performer, producer, social activist, and passionate Jew and Zionist.

• Kol Project, and how students and entire schools can participate in this worldwide initiative through music, video, tikun olam.

• Prayer, inspiration and self empowerment: anecdotes, rituals, acts of sharing, utilizing life’s challenges, drawing on personal experiences.    

• Relevant themes from Kabbalah and the weekly Torah portion, coupled with interactive music, to engage deeper thought on Judaism and life’s  purpose.