Sam Bodenheimer, “Bodi,” is a global performer, educator, and music producer. As founding director of Spicerack Music, and its subsidiary Bsamim, Bodi has produced and curated the music, entertainment and creative direction for thousands of weddings, corporate/charity galas, bar/bat mitzvahs, and public functions over the past 20 years.

His diverse compositions are utilized in film, television, commercial advertising and pop artist projects.

As an educator/artist-in-residence, Bodi visits schools and community centers around the globe, leading interactive educational programs, musical performance experiences, and inspirational services and connections.  He has served as a cultural ambassador and performer at multicultural and political events in 20+ countries across the Americas, Middle East, Europe and Africa.  Bodi holds a JD/MBA from Fordham University, is a member of several speaker’s bureaus, and is based in New York City.