Lectures, Workshops, Artist-In-Residence Weekends

Discussion Topics
Selected based on respective audience, age(s), demographics, knowledge base, relevance etc….

  1. Music Workshops: production/composition, prayers/meditation/song, rhythmic development, collaborative song creation in real-time, songs to connect with other cultures/religions  
  2. Music; the language of the soul, portal within, and bridge across all cultures and borders.  Elements of quantum physics and Kabbalistic teachings incorporated  
  3. Stories and insights from around the globe as a performer, producer, activist.  
  4. Tikun Olam:  Entertainment Based Social Actions, Kol Project, and the harmony within (R. Nahman).
  5. Life Empowerment and Inspiration:  stories, mantras, daily practices and rituals, acts of sharing, and personal assessment
  6. Finding meaning, God, guidance, direction through life’s challenges, drawing on personal experiences.  
  7. Spiritual/Kabbalah/Torah:  relevant themes of the weekly Parsha/Zohar/news tied to Jewish thoughts, self empowerment and growth  
  8. Calibri, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial;”>Israel:  connection to the Diaspora, and finding the Israel within ourselves and homes.
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